How Can A Gospel Presentation Be Wrong When It Feels So Right?

Will Metzger warns against utilizing a watered-down “feel good” gospel to make Christian faith seem more appealing to unbelievers. “God has a wonderful plan for your life!” and “Won’t you give Jesus a chance?” may feel good to say, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should say them.

May God help us not to contradict the character of God in our witnessing. May the God to whom we witness be consistent with the God we worship. Our evangelism needs to stress a God of holiness whom we worship—not just a God who exists to give us good times and pleasant feelings. We gained redemption through a sovereign Savior rather than through a relationship to him as a mere friend. The life of a Christian is to be radically different from, not relatively similar to, the world.—Will Metzger, Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People, page 39 in the 1981 InterVarsity edition.

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