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Pious Eye (David M. Hodges) posted a comment to Reddit’s DebateReligion subreddit arguing that faith is not based on experience, evidence, or arguments, but that, rather, trust in the faculties that allow experience, evidence, and arguments depends on faith. To … Continue reading

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Gospel Assurance & Warnings: Edifying & Troubling

Washer, Paul. Gospel Assurance & Warnings. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2014. ISBN 978-1-60178-294-6. Overview & Recommendation Some years ago, perhaps, a man asked you, “If you died tonight, are you sure you’d go to heaven?” You couldn’t answer “yes” … Continue reading

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Dalai Lamas in Hell? Continuing A Conversation

About the Image: “The Wager” by David M. Hodges, created late 1990s, updated 2013. The version of this image I recovered recently from some old Zip disks dated to 11 September 1998. The late 1990s were the time when my … Continue reading

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Visit Prompts Letter: Can I Get A (Jehovah’s) Witness?

I’m not sure how this happened with all the barbed wire, “No Trespassing” signs, and roaming attack dogs on the property, but Monday of this week a local Jehovah’s Witness made it to my front door. (Actually, there were two, … Continue reading

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Packer’s Puritan Portraits: Solid Reading, Not Entirely New

J. I. Packer. Puritan Portraits: J. I. Packer on Selected Classic Pastors and Pastoral Classics . Ross-shire, Scotland, U.K.: Christian Focus Publications, 2012. Kindle (Mobi) Format. ISBN 978-1-78191-076-4. (Location numbers in the review are sometimes approximate.)For some years, an introduction … Continue reading

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Pious or Impious? “None of the Above” Is Not An Option

Peter Kreeft, commenting on Pascal’s Wager, notes how inevitable death makes choice between Christian belief and unbelief unavoidable.We are “condemned to freedom” (to use Sartre’s formula). “There is no choice”, says Pascal; that is, we cannot choose whether or not … Continue reading

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