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Manhattan Declaration: Not Perfect, But Worth Signing

Concerning the Manhattan Declaration (available on the Manhattan Project site, accessed 04 February 2013)….I have just signed this declaration). However, I thought I should note that my signing is not a blanket endorsement of all the wording found in it … Continue reading

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Show Future Police State You Must Be Eliminated: Sign Today!

I continue to sign online petitions. While not so deluded as to believe signing these will have any influence on policy (all my representatives have strong ideological commitments, either in agreement with or opposed to my own, so that no … Continue reading

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Abortion: Dialog Concerning “Preserve the Life of the Mother” Exception

Image: Anti-abortion activists at Knoxville March for Life 2013, courtesy photographer Brian Stansberry (Creative Commons license). Learn more here.Alas, I remain incapable of achieving extremest-of-the-extreme status. Compared to blogger Justin Edwards (a man likely more pious than myself), even my … Continue reading

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LaPierre versus Paul: Realism versus Delusion

Like his typical remarks on foreign policy (remember those Republican primary debates?), Ron Paul’s response to Wayne LaPierre shows what happens when praiseworthy ideals are wedded to a weak grasp of reality. Though common grace (God’s pervasive positive influence on … Continue reading

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Homosexual “Marriage” Debate Revisited

U-T San Diego letter writers have continued trying, within the U-T word allowance for letters (125 words per the letter editor’s email to me a while back, though the paper’s posted guidelines only warn vaguely against being too “lengthy”), to … Continue reading

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Confucius Say: “Gay Marriage” Debate Not About Rights

This was created as an op-ed for the U-T San Diego, my local paper, and posted here as a draft on the same day I emailed it to the U-T (that is, 08 December 2012, the day of the U-T … Continue reading

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Missional Moves, Yes; Missional-Attractional Moves, I Don’t Think So

Wegner, Rob, and Jack Magruder. Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts That Transform Churches, Communities, and the World. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012. ISBN 978-0-310-49505-5. Cover price $18.99.Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder’s Missional Moves asserts that God’s mission, and so the mission … Continue reading

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Do Zombies Matter? Uh, Not So Much.

In his Moore to the Point blog, Russell D. Moore suggests an analogy between currently popular zombies and spiritually dead humankind in general: http://www.russellmoore.com/2012/10/31/why-zombies-matter/. Though I find this analogy superficially appealing, closer reflection suggests it doesn’t really work. I offered … Continue reading

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Metaxas’ Ewing Case: Unpersuasive Argument Against 3 Strikes

Eric Metaxas posted an article to breakpoint.org arguing, based on the story of non-violent repeat offender Gary Ewing, in favor of revising California’s “Three Strikes” law: “Enough of Three Strikes, Unjust and Expensive” (http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/entry/13/%2020657). I found a key statement in … Continue reading

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Maybe Sometimes It Is Okay To Blame The Teacher

Originally prepared September 2012 (09/17/2012, 11:46 PM, to be excessively precise) as a comment on a Facebook friend’s post.As I don’t have permission to reproduce the image I’m responding to, I ask the reader to visualize the following. A smiling … Continue reading

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