Social Justice now!Image courtesy David Shankbone (Creative Commons license).

Dean C. Curry notes how those who co-opt Scripture in service of a Leftist/Liberal “social justice” agenda misrepresent what the Bible teaches. When the Bible speaks of justice, Curry informs us, it never uses that term

in the modern sense of social justice, which [people on] the Left take to mean a situation in which the state uses its coercive powers to redistribute society’s holdings to assure an equal outcome….The Bible states that God’s expectation is that the righteous person—the just person—cares about the poor and oppressed. The Bible does not teach, however, that the poor and oppressed are that way because others are rich. Nor does the Bible teach that the way to help the poor and oppressed is to support revolutionary liberation movements, socialist economics, and Marxist politics. Yet, this is often the agenda of “peace and justice” Christians.

Dean C. Curry, World Without Tyranny, pages 100, 102 in the 1989 Crossway edition, as quoted by Ronald H. Nash in his Great Divides: Understanding the Controversies that Come Between Christians, pages 149-50 in the 1993 NavPress edition.