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Information_magnifier_icon 540x480 public domainTim Chaffey and Jason Lisle explain how and why Scripture must take precedence over (theories about) nature in Christian scientific work.

…since the Bible has never been wrong about anything, and since it is the very Word of the One who knows everything, we must place our confidence in the Bible above all other sources of information. Many old-earth creationists do not accept this principle. Instead, they have a tendency to put the Bible at the same level (in principle) or below the level (in practice) of the latest secular scientific theories. This is rationalized under the premise that since God made the universe, nature must be as truthful as the Bible….However, there is a fundamental error with this reasoning. Nature is not propositional truth….nature is not comprised of statements!….when scientists make statements about nature, we can evaluate those statements as true or false, but not nature itself….This isn’t to say that we cannot learn anything from nature. When evidence from the natural world is properly interpreted, it can provide a wealth of information. However, the way in which such evidence is interpreted depends largely on what a person already believes about the world.

—Tim Chaffey & Jason Lisle, Old-Earth Creationism On Trial: The Verdict Is In, 108-9.