Martin and Deidre Bobgan assert that the prudent course for the pious is to choose biblical counseling over either secular psychotherapy or the many biblical-secular/pious-impious hybridizations offered as “Christian”” psychotherapy. Do you (like Pious Eye) think they‘re right? Or do you think the Bobgans (and Pious Eye) need “professional help”?

We firmly believe that even in cases of bio-chemical illness where a medical doctor has been called in to assist in treatment there is no reason to turn to psychological counseling or to an amalgamation of biblical and psychological counseling. The Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit are sufficient to transform the problems of living and can do so with no help from psychological theories or techniques. After thoroughly researching the usefulness of the cure of minds (psychotherapy), we state without hesitation that the church should altogether avoid any alliance with it. For almost two-thousand years the church did without the pseudoscience of psychotherapy and still was able to minister successfully to those burdened by the problems of living.

Martin and Deidre Bobgan, How To Counsel from Scripture, page 8 in the 1985 Moody Press edition.