Image: 3D visualization suggesting DNA, a free to use Unsplash image by user Braňo.

Originally prepared September 2012 (09/17/2012, 11:46 PM, to be excessively precise) as a comment on a Facebook friend’s post.

As I don’t have permission to reproduce the image I’m responding to, I ask the reader to visualize the following. A smiling teacher points to a world map on her left (your right, and the right side of the image) with a blackboard (green rather than black, if you want to be technical) behind her on the left (your and the image’s left, her right). Above her, in bold, all-capitals text, you read, “blaming teachers because your kids are failing in school”….Then, at the bottom of the image, you read, also in bold, all-capitals text, “is like blaming the gym because you haven’t lost weight.” (Additionally, at the lower-right corner of the image, you note the address “” (or it could be “…/watmab”), but decide not to bother visiting it.

Being a recalcitrant contrarian, you decide to reflect upon the image a bit rather than simply experience momentary amusement and move on to the next thing on your agenda (tweeting about your breakfast, say). As you reflect, you realize that, actually, the correct analogy here would end, “is like blaming a trainer because the regimen he or she has put you on isn’t working.” If it were the case that you were following the regimen as prescribed but getting no more fit, the most likely explanation would be that your trainer is incompetent. It might also be that your trainer simply isn’t a good match for your unique physiology. But, alas, the monopolistic Public Training System funded by your tax dollars doesn’t permit you the freedom to redirect your fitness funds to a different trainer in the free training market. Though Training Voucher bills are proposed from time to time, and you religiously vote “yes” on them, the Trainers’ Unions always seem to defeat them. It’s just so unfair!

Stunned by this epiphany and your own perspicacity that produced it, you decide to skip tweeting about your breakfast and take a nap.