Public domain image of bombing strikeBelatedly, I’ve decided I must oppose a strike against Syria. The purpose of the U.S. military is to defend America’s sovereignty and to protect Americans’ liberty, not to be the world’s superhero or the police arm of the U.N. (or any group of foreign nations). (I’m aware that international support is mostly absent in this case. My point is that international support has no relevance to whether or not the U.S. military should act.) Even were world superhero and policeman roles included in the U.S. military’s charter, would it make sense for an irrecoverably-indebted nation to borrow even more money from China to fund military action China opposes? Terrible, tragic, evil things are happening all over the world all the time; they are now happening in Syria. A good case might be made that “someone” should act; I see no Constitutional grounds for identifying the U.S. military as that someone.