Impious Ethics (Still) Impossible

anarchy symbol In To Be As God: A Study of Modern Thought Since The Marquis de Sade (Ross House, 2003) Rousas John Rushdoony reiterates how the consistent immorality of the Marquis de Sade is the course most logically consistent with unbelief.

Because [the Marquis de] Sade was so consistently evil, he was more logical than most evil men and most churchmen, whose inconsistent profession of Christianity blurs their vision badly. Sade’s fundamental premise in “Yet Another Effort, Frenchmen,…” was simply this: having abandoned Christianity, men should therefore logically abandon all law; “for what should we, who have no religion, do with law?” Law being the will of the sovereign, to abandon God as sovereign means to abandon His law. And, if man is now sovereign, how can there be any law over man? Is not man’s will the only law? (13)

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