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Currently, I offer editing and related services through the following freelancing sites:

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My posted rates include fees the sites charge on my side; I’ve not investigated whether the sites charge additional fees on the client side. Upwork has higher fees than Freelancer, but Upwork also has my past online project feedback (including some from Elance, the lower-fee site I originally used, which Upwork acquired). As I’ve yet to work any projects on Freelancer, I can’t tell you if Upwork has sufficiently superior functionality to justify its higher fees.

Alternatively, particularly if you’re local to San Diego County, you may wish to hire me as an independent contractor independent of these sites. In that case, please contact me.

If you’d just like to network, you can find me on the following site created for that purpose:

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I’m also set up on LinkedIn’s ProFinder, though I can’t claim to be an active user. Having never found LinkedIn very useful for finding work (despite the hype), I long ago stopped trying to use the site for professional purposes only. Though I find it handy for keeping track of contacts (professional and otherwise), I probably use it more for sharing Pious Eye site posts than for business. Were I to become convinced I needed a purely professional LinkedIn presence, I’d need to open a second account. All the same, if you’d like to keep track of my current contact information, and to let me keep track of yours, feel free to connect with me. I’ve never yet turned down a connection request. (I have the same policy on Facebook, since, if it weren’t for fake people and their spam accounts, I wouldn’t have many Facebook friends. Since I never read the Facebook feed, spam accounts don’t bother me.)

Since, as I told one potential client, “my beliefs and values are not of this century,” as any reader of posts on this site will quickly realize, you may determine that my viewpoint and convictions are quite different from your own. Before you decide not to hire me based on one or another of my idiosyncrasies, however, do note that I’m happy to edit materials that I do not agree with (so long as pretending to agree with them is not required). It may even be that I find such editing more interesting than editing materials with which I do agree. (I am not able to edit materials that are vulgar or profane, or that promote immorality, however.) I’ve so far specialized in editing and rewriting academic materials written or translated by non-native writers of English (varying in subject matter and sometimes technical). I’ve also edited some medical forms, technical marketing documents, and membership guidelines written or translated by non-native writers, and have edited or rewritten various sorts of rough-draft prose by writers with varying English skills. My education and experience are quite broad, so I can effectively edit a broader range of materials than these. I am much more skilled at spotting and correcting logical deficiencies and lack of clarity, even when this requires thorough rewriting, than I am at ensuring conformity to specialized usage guidelines and at proofreading. I do thorough work at moderate speed, so “rush” projects and I are not usually compatible.

So, if you’ve come here because you’re considering employing me as an editor, or enlisting my assistance in some related task (help with research, a coauthor for your magnum opus, whatever), I look forward to hearing from you. If your project requires a freelancer whose convictions and personality are close to your own, or at least similar in some key ways, feel free to explore this site to learn more about my convictions and such aspects of my personality as my writing makes evident. Exploring this site will also let you see how I write when I’m writing for myself, though I do not impose my own style on the materials I edit (unless asked to do so).

If this post is a review, it may also appear, less nicely formatted and typically abridged, on such other sites as Amazon and GoodReads. If this post has odd gaps in it, this probably means some ads have failed to display. If you miss the ads, try reloading the page. Otherwise, just enjoy their unexpected absence.

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