Just How Evil Is Tucker Carlson?

The Devil shows a man some smutThe mainstream media were briefly abuzz last week over left-liberal Media Matters’ unearthing of some old Tucker Carlson audio. Media Matters’ Madeline Peltz begins her related article (topically organized transcript collection) with a summary of Carlson’s bad behavior, part of which reads as follows:

Between 2006 and 2011, Tucker Carlson spent approximately an hour a week calling in to Bubba the Love Sponge [BTLS], a popular shock jock radio program where he spoke with the hosts about (more…)

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Re Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: socialist fever dreams that can never be realized solve nothing. We need a Green Nuke Deal: “nuclear power is the only carbon-free technology that has proven capability, and which is demonstrably scalable at a rate that can contribute significantly to solving the [alleged] climate problem [assuming it exists and is caused and solvable by humans]”(Tom M. L. Wigley, Ph.D., meteorologist and theoretical physicist, Nuclear Energy Fact Sheet, Energy (more…)

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I just posted a comment on Craig Huey’s site concerning a handy resource.

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“…the voice of one crying in the wilderness…”: It’s been a year, but the major parties remain as fiscally irresponsible as ever. Rand Paul’s 2018 plea still resonates: http://ow.ly/Le8030nLfUk.

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Shall We Listen to the Peacemakers?

photo of peace symbol and torn sheet of paper with word peace on itImage: “All we are saying is give peace a chance. John Lennon,” photo by Kate Ter Haar via Flicker, cropped, resized, and stretched a bit. Used under the Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0).

Advocates of a less interventionist U.S. foreign policy, such as Ron Paul, have long argued that foreign hostility against the United States, and with it attempts by terrorists to attack the U.S., would be much more rare if America had not so long insisted on interfering in the (more…)

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E-Letter Prompts E-Letter: “Natural” Law & Rights

rocks on a beach seem to form a human faceImage: based on a Wikimedia Commons photo by Vitold Muratov, used under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. Derivative work by David M. Hodges, reusable under the same license terms.

On 04 February, I received an interesting fundraising email from the national office of the political party with which I’m affiliated, the Constitution Party. Written by Nicholas Kontgas and titled “Roadmap to Socialism: The Democratic plan to bring about a socialist revolution in the United States,” the (more…)

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Representative Democracy ≠ Republic

Venn diagram of sets R and RDThe United States was not founded as just a “representative democracy,” nor is “representative democracy” a synonym for “republic.” The point of the American Republic established by the U.S. Constitution is that free and sovereign individuals ceded to their federal (covenantal) state only a limited, explicitly enumerated, set of powers through that legal document.[1] Ours is, or at its founding was, a government of laws, not of men, whether those men be the majority of (more…)

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Zuhdi Jasser: Is Enlightenment Reason-Worship Cure for Islamism?

Colorful Islam SymbolImage: Islamic symbol modified for the Pious Eye site by David M. Hodges. Based upon a work by Wikimedia user DonovanCrow, used under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license and available from Wikimedia Commons. In accord with that license, this modified image may itself be used under the same license term.

I posted a comment on a YouTube video. As the PC censors at YouTube might not permit these comments to display, I’ll share them here as well. These comments are applicable to more than one video where Jasser (more…)

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Our Drunken, Suicidal, and Licentious Culture

Item 1: Our Drunken Culture

Holy warrior woman takes an ax to alcohol barrels and BevMo! signs While running a few errands on Friday 22 June 2018, I passed by the BevMo! store in Santee, California. (This is in San Diego County, where this alcohol-sales chain participates in a local economy whose other notable industries include tribal-land casinos and craft-beer brewers.) Outside this store I saw the following written on a black-background dry-erase display: “Time to get star-spangled hammered!” (Unlike 90 percent of the population, I don’t carry (more…)

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Another one for your queue (video or audio): Michael Barrett speaks on the “Tradition, Text, and Translation of the KJV.” Highly recommended.

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Erratum: Trampling on TULIP

text reading say that you forgive me, above a tulip, with decorative backgroundThis is my first entry in the new errata category, which in all likelihood will one day be the category with the most posts. Entries in the category will note instances where I have erred or might have erred in past statements, here on the Pious Eye site or (possibly) elsewhere. Minor errors, such as typos and complex sentences that seem to lose track of where they’re going, will simply be corrected in the old posts where I discover them. Errata-category posts will deal with the sorts of errors that (more…)

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Covenant theology is not “replacement” theology. Its point is that the olive tree that is God’s people, the church, is a single tree, not two trees growing side by side with different promises and different futures (Romans 11). Though I don’t agree with everything in the following video series (the speaker is a Presbyterian and a Theonomist), it contains enough interesting and sound material to merit viewing: Joe Morecraft III lectures on Covenant Theology, Related Matters.

P.S. (more…)

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Another worthwhile theology video for your queue: “The Covenant with Abraham…The Case Against Covenantal Infant Baptism.” Though part of a series, it stands well alone.

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