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My Sad Farewell to Vimeo, with Protest and Reflection Suggestions

“Leaving Vimeo” image © 2017 by Pious Eye (David M. Hodges). Created using, and modifying, three Wikimedia Commons images: two public domain image (one by Vimeo, one released to the public domain by user ZyMOS) and one Creative-Commons-2.0-licensed image by … Continue reading

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Constitution or Libertarian Party: Which for the Pious?

I should note upfront that I am not an official representative of the Constitution Party. Nor have I run my ideas by any official representatives of that party. My reasons for preferring this party over the Libertarian Party are entirely … Continue reading

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Decorated Chaplain Wes Modder threatened by Navy – Take Action.

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Show Future Police State You Must Be Eliminated: Sign Today!

I continue to sign online petitions. While not so deluded as to believe signing these will have any influence on policy (all my representatives have strong ideological commitments, either in agreement with or opposed to my own, so that no … Continue reading

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Homosexual “Marriage” Debate Revisited

U-T San Diego letter writers have continued trying, within the U-T word allowance for letters (125 words per the letter editor’s email to me a while back, though the paper’s posted guidelines only warn vaguely against being too “lengthy”), to … Continue reading

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Concerning Scorgie: Billy Graham Exploited or Christian Right Maligned?

Image: 2009 Christian participant in anti-Obama “March on Washington” calls for “Less Government More Jesus,” quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14. Courtesy Will Kuhns (Creative Commons license).One of my former seminary professors, Glen Scorgie, recently posted an article accusing politically conservative Christians … Continue reading

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Petition: “No Budget, No Pay Act,” Merit-Based Pay For Congress

I just signed this petition on the Patriot Voices site. Amusingly, the site’s too-aggressive (or poorly configured) anti-profanity filter altered the word “pass” in my tweet to “p***.” In any case, this is another good cause promoted by a good … Continue reading

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