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Pious Eye (David M. Hodges) posted a comment on someone else’s IVN article, as well as a related one on his own. Bottom line: old closed primary was better than California’s current top-two system, and David wants a “none of … Continue reading

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Okay Planner, but Spare Us the PC Marketing

Image of harvested trees (don’t worry, they’ll grow back) © Copyright Alan Stewart and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons licence.If, like me, you set yourself hard deadlines and make formal appointments only when you have to, but still … Continue reading

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Bad Times at Grifols Biomat: Local Business Reviewed

Though only some remarks after “One final bit of irritation” are relevant to the Pious Eye site’s purpose, I’ve found no review site that will keep something of this length posted. Besides, Pious Eye is also my personal blog (at … Continue reading

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Dear Obscure Candidates: Please Seek Endorsements

The East County Magazine site carried an article about an obscure race on the ballot in my area (http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/11560). It noted how some candidates in that race had rejected the idea of seeking endorsements. Since I rely heavily on endorsements … Continue reading

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Religion Is Not A Four Letter Word

Though I’m generally a fan of LifeWay and its publications, I’m disappointed to find its new Gospel Project curriculum* indulging in the weary and misguided “religion is bad / Christianity is something other than religion” rhetoric (Ed Stetzer, General Editor, … Continue reading

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Hermeneutical Maxim (Against Various “Wax Nose” Hermeneutics)

No matter how clever, sophisticated, erudite, linguistically astute, or stunningly beautiful in its complexity your interpretive scheme may be, if it requires you to ignore or dismiss patently clear passages of Scripture, or to interpret them to mean what any … Continue reading

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Christianity: Religion or Relationship?

The world is full of popular, clever-sounding sayings that are simply not true. This brief post concerns one such pseudo-aphorism, namely this: Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship. (Anonymous, traditional.) This popular saying, which I have heard from … Continue reading

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