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Some Matters of Usage

(Last updated on 21 March 2020) Some random commentary and other updates follow. Rather than cram all new updates and commentary into a single post, I’ll spread the latest updates over a few posts. I began preparing this post back … Continue reading

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Random Topics Prompt Letters

I’ve continued to enjoy my new letters-to-the-editor hobby, though none of the letters I sent this past week has made it into print. (Nor has any of them shown up on the paper’s Web site, assuming the site’s search function … Continue reading

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Representative Democracy ≠ Republic

(Last updated on 4 February 2019) The United States was not founded as just a “representative democracy,” nor is “representative democracy” a synonym for “republic.” The point of the American Republic established by the U.S. Constitution is that free and … Continue reading

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Erratum: Trampling on TULIP

(Last updated on 10 February 2019) This is my first entry in the new errata category, which in all likelihood will one day be the category with the most posts. Entries in the category will note instances where I have … Continue reading

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Good Motives, Middling Result: Hambrick’s Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk

(Last updated on 8 August 2017) Image: Pious Eye (David M. Hodges) modification and combination of images showing support of and opposition to homosexuality, acquired through Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licenses permitting adaptation. Source images are as follows: (1) … Continue reading

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