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Our Drunken, Suicidal, and Licentious Culture

Item 1: Our Drunken Culture While running a few errands on Friday 22 June 2018, I passed by the BevMo! store in Santee, California. (This is in San Diego County, where this alcohol-sales chain participates in a local economy whose … Continue reading

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Another one for your queue (video or audio): Michael Barrett speaks on the “Tradition, Text, and Translation of the KJV.” Highly recommended.

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(A)sexual: (A) Weird Documentary

I saw a very strange documentary recently: (A)sexual (directed by Angela Tucker, Arts Engine Inc., 2011). The premise of the film, which takes for granted the contemporary belief that people have innate sexual orientations (inclinations to have sex with persons … Continue reading

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Protest Unwarranted: Robertson’s Remarks Were Just Ducky

No sooner had I recovered sufficiently from an illness to watch some news than I was greeted by a story highlighting once again the sorry state of our dieing culture. Members of the homosexual lobby (known in corrupt contemporary English … Continue reading

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Do Zombies Matter? Uh, Not So Much.

In his Moore to the Point blog, Russell D. Moore suggests an analogy between currently popular zombies and spiritually dead humankind in general: http://www.russellmoore.com/2012/10/31/why-zombies-matter/. Though I find this analogy superficially appealing, closer reflection suggests it doesn’t really work. I offered … Continue reading

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