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Bad Times at Grifols Biomat: Local Business Reviewed

(Last updated on 15 June 2014) Though only some remarks after “One final bit of irritation” are relevant to the Pious Eye site’s purpose, I’ve found no review site that will keep something of this length posted. Besides, Pious Eye … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Addiction to “Addiction” Cloud Your Reasoning

(Last updated on 5 July 2014) Christians active in the battle against pornography have lately been excited by news of a not-yet-peer-reviewed Cambridge study popularly reported to prove that “porn addiction” is as real as addiction to drugs or alcohol. … Continue reading

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Rape and Rationality

Anyone who knows me knows my conviction that contemporary Americans feel too much and think too little. Lack of “impulse control” isn’t just for the “poorly socialized” anymore; it’s a culture-wide phenomenon. Emotionally charged, cognitively vacuous rants and shout-downs have … Continue reading

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Homosexual “Marriage” Debate Revisited

(Last updated on 5 July 2014) U-T San Diego letter writers have continued trying, within the U-T word allowance for letters (125 words per the letter editor’s email to me a while back, though the paper’s posted guidelines only warn … Continue reading

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Do Zombies Matter? Uh, Not So Much.

(Last updated on 5 July 2014) In his Moore to the Point blog, Russell D. Moore suggests an analogy between currently popular zombies and spiritually dead humankind in general: http://www.russellmoore.com/2012/10/31/why-zombies-matter/. Though I find this analogy superficially appealing, closer reflection suggests … Continue reading

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Maybe Sometimes It Is Okay To Blame The Teacher

(Last updated on 16 January 2013) Originally prepared September 2012 (09/17/2012, 11:46 PM, to be excessively precise) as a comment on a Facebook friend’s post.As I don’t have permission to reproduce the image I’m responding to, I ask the reader … Continue reading

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Religion Is Not A Four Letter Word

(Last updated on 16 January 2013) Though I’m generally a fan of LifeWay and its publications, I’m disappointed to find its new Gospel Project curriculum* indulging in the weary and misguided “religion is bad / Christianity is something other than … Continue reading

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Christendom is Dead. Long Live Fundom (or Worse)?

(Last updated on 3 April 2019) Image by Flicker user ellenm1, used under Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0 license. In his 1985 book, Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse In The Age of Show Business, Neil Postman suggested that the … Continue reading

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