This page is a Web development or coding demo utilizing Bootstrap. Like other demos in the collection (buttons for which you may not see above if you’re on a mobile device: Demo 2 with PHP form, Demo 3 using JQuery), this page began as a coding assignment for a Web development course. This collection also includes documents, among them recommendation letters from

Additional Documents

Some additional documents included here are an expired Network+ certificate, three well-aged Microsoft certificates (MCITP, MCTS, and MCSA), and a BioCollaborative Life Science Immersion Program (LSIP) certificate. The recommendations from the state senator and seminary provost (buttons above) call attention to some of my traits useful to any employer and remain applicable even though some years have passed since one of them was written. The IT (Information Technology) certifications, though dated, show my technical aptitude; they also indicate that I will be able to acquire new certifications if hired for a position that requires such. And the LSIP certificate shows I’ve learned some basics of a certain industry, which might be relevant if you’re hiring for that industry.

The demo you’re currently viewing, by the way, shows skills in


the latest version of Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4,


the latest version of HTML, HTML5,


and the latest version of CSS, CSS3.

Not to mention…

FontAwesome icons and Google fonts.

There really should be some more text here, shouldn’t there?

scribe David M. Hodges hard at work

Meet the Team (of One)

David M. Hodges

Broadly experienced and diversely skilled, this analytical, methodical, and conscientious individual would be an asset to any organization that isn’t evil. Smart enough (at one time) to have gotten into Mensa, down-to-earth enough to no longer be a member.

The New Wanderer

In 1934, Georg Grosz painted The Wanderer. In 2019, David created this modestly modified version of the work to picture another aspect of “team” David M. Hodges, namely, the “works well independently or with a team [of ravens]” aspect.

The Joy of Coding

Like the thorough rewriting of documents by non-native writers of English that David has done for several years as a freelance editor, troubleshooting complex code, whether for Web development or other purposes, is enormous fun—at least “team” David M. Hodges thinks so.

Demo 4: WordPress

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