David M. Hodges
Editing, Rewriting, Web Development

Skilled: Able to repair incoherent and awkward writing and bad code. Have excelled at thoroughly rewriting work by non-native writers of English.

Insightful: Good at spotting problems and finding creative ways to solve them. Highly analytical and concerned with details, but not overly rule-bound.

Educated: Degrees focused on writing, psychology, theology, and apologetics; additional, ongoing study of English usage, editing, and Web development.

Career Highlights

Project and Work History

Having begun with a pair of no-textbook-required online courses offered by Grossmont College, and now taking advantage of the wealth of free and quality training available on the Web, I am establishing a foundation in essential, up-to-date Web development skills. Among the skills so far utilized in course projects have been the following: Divi WordPress development; manual coding in HTML and CSS, including Flexbox, Grid, and Bootstrap layouts; and JQuery JavaScript coding. Such resources as Google Fonts and FontAwesome icons have also been utilized.

Since 2014, my freelance editing work has included ongoing service as an editor of the Chinese Cultural Relics journal (CCR), a recurring collection of articles selected from the prestigious Chinese journal Wenwu (Cultural Relics) translated into English. This work requires me to revise English translations, sometimes very rough and often very technical, into coherent and comprehensible English prose. My first masthead credit for this work was in CCR’s Volume 1, Number 2–4, 2014 issue.

Since some years before 2014, I have maintained the Pious Eye site, my blog, in WordPress, acting as its Webmaster, editor, and sole (quite sporadic) contributor. I have customized both my theme and some plugins during that time, and I am currently acquiring the skills needed to transform the site into a responsive one compatible with all the expensive new devices I don’t own or use myself. Since my aesthetics do not match those driving much contemporary Web design, this site is not a good demonstration of my ability to design sites with popular styling. It is and has been a useful place to test ideas and practice skills without placing client data at risk, however.


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