Fox News has posted an interesting article about how some African-American Christian leaders are suggesting their followers should sit out the 2012 election because of (most notably) Obama’s newly “evolved” support for same-sex marriage: “African-American Christians waver over vote” (Associated Press, 16 September 2012). (The article also discusses reasons these leaders find Romney objectionable.) My question: If Obama’s support for gay marriage merits a recommendation to sit out rather than vote for him in 2012, why did his radical pro-abortion views merit no such recommendation in 2008? (Or, at least, not one that was well publicized or widely followed.)

In any case, I hope those who feel they can’t vote for Romney, either because of his Mormonism or his Republicanism, will seriously consider “going fishing” with Reverend McKissic (who, to his credit, did not support Obama in 2008).

My local paper, U-T San Diego (17 September 2012, A-2) notes that the AP reporter responsible for this story is Rachel Zoll. Except for the added author data, the U-T version contains less information than the Fox version (for example, there’s no mention of “going fishing”).